Universal counting machine for Tablets & Capsules

For the exact dosage of tablets, capsules, soft capsules and other dosage forms.
Easy to use thanks to self-explanatory touch screen interface.

OCTACOUNT Counting and Filling machine

Perfect for small to medium batch sizes in pharmacies, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry. Tablets, hard and soft gelatin capsules are precisely counted and filled into bottles, cans or other containers. For different dosage forms format discs are available. With the format-discs a product change is very fast and the counting results are highly precisely. The OCTACOUNT counting machine has two operation modes: Filling-Mode for production - Inventory-Mode for inspections or quality control. With its high IP64 protection class even a wet cleaning is possible for quick clean down after production.


Demonstration from installation, setup and operation of the OCTACOUNT counting and filling machine.

Intuitive operation

The touch-screen interface with multilingual menu, icons and online help enables fast operation without further training.


Tablets, hard or soft gelatin capsules, oblong tablets, coated tablets or other dosage forms - OCTACOUNT processed your entire product range.


Exact fillings with 99.9% accuracy reduce the losses in your filling process. In addition, you can perform 100% -incoming control or quality controls with OCTACOUNT.


CE certification, 100% FDA-proof,  IP64-Protection Class – OCTACOUNT is certified for safe and validated operation in pharmacies, pharmaceutical and chemical companys.


The OCTACOUNT counter can be operated as a standalone machine in your laboratory or as a filling module integrated on an automated production line. Different interfaces are available for easy integrations.

Made in Germany

With it´s rugged stainless steel construction, the OCTACOUNT counting and filling machine is designed for daily use. With over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience, we guarantee the quality of our products.

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