Expandable & Modular

Integrable, remote controllable and flexibly adapted to your processes

Stand-alone operation or process integration

The OCTACOUNT system is flexibly adaptable thanks to its modular design. Via existing interfaces such as Ethernet or I/O ports the counting machine can be externally controlled (ex. from a process control system, PLC or PC) and integrated into an process line. Also special applications like isolated operation or industrial applications are possible with the OCTACOUNT filling machine.

Hands-free operation

Thanks to the integrated I/O port, the counting machine can be controlled via an external foot switch to optimize the workflow. Other options like automatic belt-feeding systems for complete automation will be available soon.

Integrated into processes

The filling head of OCTACOUNT filling system can be modularly integrated into processes. Our engineers can advise you on all issues. Of course we also implement custom solutions based on the established OCTACOUNT hardware.