Operation & Handling

Simple and intuitive operation via multilingual touch screen interface

Start immediately - no training required

Switch on the machine, fill with product, specify desired number of containers and number of objects per container and you are ready to go. You do not need an extensive study of the manual. All menu items are self-explanatory. In the event of incorrect operation the machine automatically informs the operator. The language can be changed to German, English or French at any time.

Easy menu navigation

The menu of the OCTACOUNT counting machine was designed intuitive. All menu items are also marked in the touch-screen user interface with icons and provide quick introduction (Online-Help) to the operator of the pill counting machine.

Online Help

With the integrated online help, the operator can always access information’s about the currently active menu item - there is no need to search for manuals. Quick and easy – all Information´s regarding optimum working speed, etc.