Exact accuracy

Highly accurate dosage to optimize the quality of your production

Optimize your production processes with OCTACOUNT

Often the filling and dosing by pure weighing is too imprecise to achieve consistent, optimal results. The OCTACOUNT counting system reachs almost 100% filling accuracy and reduce losses in your production process. Using the integrated inventory function you can do 100% check of incoming goods.

Robust design

The construction of the OCTACOUNT counting and filling machine is designed for daily use in the production environment. The sealed stainless steel housing and milled counting discs guarantee a long lifetime. Of course, all materials are FDA-proof and comply with applicable requirements for drug production.

Dust resistant

The intelligent self-monitoring sensor detects even dusty products reliably. This reduces cleaning and service times. Thanks to IP64 protection class the entire machine can be cleaned quickly and easily wet by the end of production or product changes. All product-contacting parts can be removed without tools for cleaning.